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What is Marq-it Design's History?

Marq-it Design has been around since 1997 and has been through many phases and faces! I started Marq-it Design as an at home business for a way to work and stay home with my growing family. Coming from a corporate agency setting it was a breath of fresh air. After the first 5 years it had expanded so much, as well as my family, we needed to find other living quarters for Marq-it Design.


By 2005 it has grown into a full service, very productive marketing and design firm. My dream was growning and so was an unseen cancerous tumor. By the end of 2005 I was diognosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I was able to survive that but what the cancer took was my drive to move forward. I started to second guess what Marq-it Design meant, who I was helping, who I stood for and why I was still here.


From here on out the right partners were being placed in to my life to show me a new purpose and dreams. Downsizing did not mean losing. It meant gaining control of a dream again and fulfilling a passion of helping smaller businesses and entrepronours. Focus on developing relationships because relationships build business. So the Marq-it Design Creative Boutique Agency was birthed.


What in the world is a boutique agency?

So many people ask me this so it’s probably a good time and place to answer this often asked question.


Simply put, a boutique agency (like Marq-it Design) is a smaller creative agency.  We focus on developing marketing campaigns in a broader scope of building relationships and connections, not studying demographics or doing hardcore statistical and market analysis. Building relationships with our clients is a plus, but developing realationships between you, our clients and your clients is the goal. We are here to teach you to market and give you the tools and the coaching so a lot of it can be done on your own. We build and connect.


                        CEO of Marq-it Design

                                   Brenda Marquardt

...I am a survivor, who had a

second chance at life and wanted to find

something in my "Marketing & Design World"

that shared the gratiude I felt everyday. I found it

and am grateful to share these amazing services

for people like yourself. I get paid to be nice

to people and show others how to appreciate

and build personal and professional relationships with others...

ABOUT Marq-it Design


Gratitude Power Team powered by SendOutCards


I am a founding member of the Gratitude Power Team powered by SendOutCards. We built this awareness in the Midwest to spread gratidute throught an amazing marketing system called SendOutCards. You too can have the ability to send REAL greeting cards from your computer to anywhere in the world to connect and build relationships. The tool suite also comes with its on marketing center where you can build your own marketing materials, such as business cards, posters, prints, photo books, labels, personalized t-shirts, phone cases and promotional products.

Pure Leverage Online Marketing Tool Suite


There are so many programs out there to try and market on the internet. Pure leverage has built a wuite of products at a reasonalbe monthly rate to help any size business. Everything you need to promote your business online. You will recieve a lead capture system, authority blog, traffic generator, video email service, live meeting room and coaching for all.

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